ROTEX becomes DAIKIN: ROTEX Control will be henceforth named DAIKIN Control. Please use from now on.

Welcome to ROTEX Control Cloud Services

We are pleased that you have chosen a ROTEX heating boiler or air-water heat pump with heating control via our app.
The ROTEX Control Cloud Services platform offers a variety of options: You can for example manage your heating systems, view and evaluate settings and set up alerts.


Heating control via internet

Control your ROTEX heating system with your smart phone. You can set the desired heating temperature in a convenient and easy way. Time programs and operating modes can be modified via the smart phone app as well. As additional information, the app displays the ambient temperature and current weather with a forecast for the next three days.

Technical Requirements

    - ROTEX heating system with ROTEX RoCon control unit (from March 2013) - ROTEX RoCon G1 as a gateway connected to the ROTEX RoCon control and the Internet - IOS version 5.0 or later version - Existing network router with a free ethernet (RJ45) connector

January 2020: ROTEX becomes DAIKIN

As of January 2020 the DAIKIN group will present itself as ONE powerful heating brand. As a result, the ROTEX products will have a new brand name: DAIKIN.